10days to complete a unit of flat house

Today last week I got an order to complete a house for only 10 days but actually I finished it in 7days already. Now only waiting to repair and get any comment from owner. 




Site Visit at Sokha Siam Reab

Today I and my team have a chance to visit Site at Sokha SR. That’s a great architecture and art.   

Brown always 

Free nowhere to go, and I do not want to. Just stay here.

My Team Design

Hotel in Battambang   


កក់ខែ​ ធ្វើបាបគ្នាកំពុងច្រូត


បែកកង់ម៉ូតូ ទាំងព្រឹក ដូរម្តងហើយ ជិញបានបន្តិច បែកទៀត មុតដែកគោល ពីរដង អស់សំបកមួយទៀត។ មហាលាភថ្ងៃនេះ។


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