Announcement on the recipients of SIIT Graduate Scholarship Program

សូមជូនពរ អ្នកដែលជាប់អាហារូបករណ៏ដែលមានឈ្មោះក្នុងបញ្ជីនេះ សូមទទួលបានជោគជ័យ !

Announcement of ASEA-UNINET for Cambodian Applicants

Announcement – Cambodia

Erasmus Mundus Mobility with Asia

Application guide


Before starting your application you must register at the EMMA Application Web Site. You need a valid email address to register. Note that you are only allowed to register once. If you register and apply from several accounts the selection committee will consider only the first one. It is very important that you provide a valid email address and that you make sure to keep it active because some free email providers disable accounts that are not used for a duration of time (usually a few months) so check the situation with your email provider.


After you have successfully created an account you will receive al link to the application form. The link will be sent in an email to the address you used for the registration. If you do not receive an email from us within a few hours please make a new registration with an email address from a different provider.


You can then start to fill in your application on-line. You can always quit and later return to your stored data by using your login and password. It is recommended that during the application process you should not have more than one EMMA Application page open in your web browser.


After completion of all obligatory fields, a button will appear, allowing you to formally submit your application. When you submit your application you will receive a confirmation that we have received it. Only submitted applications will be considered during the selection process.
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2011 ASEA-UNINET Thailand On-Place Scholarships under the ASEA-UNINET (ASEAN-European Academic University Partnership Network) Programme for Cambodia and Lao PDR

The Commission on Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Thailand, in
cooperation with the ASEA-UNINET Austria invites nationals of Cambodia and Lao
PDR to apply for the ASEA-UNINET Programme Thailand On-Place Scholarships for
academic year 2011. Seven scholarships will be granted to students and faculty
members of higher education institutions in Cambodia and Lao PDR or general
public from the two countries to further their Master’s degrees study in Thailand for
two years in international study programmes in the fields of sciences, engineering,
and economics offered by Thai higher education institutions which are members of
the ASEA-UNINET. Tuition fees for the Scholarship students will be paid by the Thai
higher education institutions and their living allowances and accommodations will be
paid by the Austrian Government.
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